I am often asked what pens ands drawing materials I use in my art, and as a result, I have created this page with details of all my favourite illustrations tools. On this page you can find links to these drawing tools on Amazon, making it easier for you to click through and find them for yourself. Please note you can purchase any of the items through the links on my page and there will be NO additional charge to you but you will be supporting me as I may receive a small referal fee from Amazon on any purchases. 

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Pencils and outlining Pens 

Pens and pencils are the bread and butter of any artist tool box. My preference when selecting a pencil is to choose a very hard graphite which prevent any smudging (as a lefty this can be an issue). I like my pencils to be very precise as I don’t really use them for shading very often so the mechanical rotring pencils are perfect for my needs. When it comes to pens (generally used for outlining my work, I like to use the Unipin fine liners. These come in a range of nib sizes and will not smudge under erasing. 

Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Black 
Pack of 3 Uni Pin 0.05 Fine Liners, Black
Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil, 0.5 mm, Silver  
Pack of 3 Uni Pin 0.1 Fine Liners, Black 
Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil Lead Sets. 
Pack of 3 Uni Pin 0.2 Fine Liners, Black

If there is one question I have been asked more than any other, it is “which markers do you use in your “Drawing with Jonny” videos. So I have compiled a list of all the marker sets I use below. When colouring I use alcohol markers as they allow you to not only achieve a high quality “comic book” like finish but they also allow you to do things that other colouring pens just don’t. For example you can add shading to your drawings using darker tones which you are then able to seamlessly blend into one another. I personally use the “Arrtx” alcohol markers, as not only do they have an incredible range of colours and sets but (and probably more importantly) as far as alcohol markers go, they are fantastic value. Some other brands are far more expensive (and we are talking hundreds of pounds more) and for majority of hobby artist these Arrtx markers are absolutely perfect.

Arrtx Oros 90 Marker set with dual tips 
Arrtx ALP Alcohol Marker Pens, 80 Colours Dual Tips Marker Set 
Arrtx ALP Alcohol Marker Pens, 40 Yellow Tones 
Arrtx ALP Alcohol Marker Pens, 24 Blues Tones
Arrtx ALP Alcohol Marker Pens, 36 Skin Tones 
Arrtx ALP Alcohol Marker Pens 32 Grey Tones 
Arrtx ALP Alcohol Marker Pens, 24 Green Tones 
Arrtx ALP Alcohol Marker Pens, 24 Red Tones
Arrtx ALP Alcohol Marker Pens, 24 Purple Tones
Dollar Doodles and Skateboards 

When Drawing my “Dollar Doodles’ or skateboard designs I need a thicker and more robust colour coverage to ensure that the bill underneath the design is no longer visible. For this reason I use paint markers & when it comes to these there really is only one contender (as far as im concerned) I use the POSCA markers which come in a range of sizes and a fantastic range of colours. These pens will draw on pretty much anything from paper and card to glass and every material. Be sure to think about the size of the nib you require for you project, however if you are unsure, POSCA offer different sets containing a range of nib sizes which are often a good idea as you will then be able to find your favourite. Below are my favourite sets which provide a range of colours in relatively thin nib sizes.

POSCA Paint Markers Pens 1MR
POSCA Paint Markers PC-1M
POSCA Paint Markers PC -5M


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